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What is Sweetpass and what perks are available to me?

We’re so excited you’re here! Sweetpass is our loyalty program where you can earn rewards, birthday treats, menu exclusives and more.  All customers that create a digital account will automatically be enrolled in our free program. For additional perks like a daily $3 off, upgrade to Sweetpass+ for $10 per month. Read more about the different levels of loyalty below.

Where can I find Sweetpass on my app/on web?

You’ll find Sweetpass listed as one of the options at the bottom of your app! This will be near “Home,” “Menu,” and “Account.” 

I am not interested in any sweetpass loyalty perks, how can I opt out of Sweetpass? 

You can opt-out of Sweetpass by reaching out to our team at

If I opted out of your marketing, do I need to opt back in to take part in Sweetpass?

You can still participate in Sweetpass as long as you have a digital account on the mobile app (iOS or Android) or online at Exciting updates about the Sweetpass will be shared in our emails!

Can I participate in Sweetpass if I do not have a sweetgreen account created?

In order to participate, you’ll have to create a digital account through the mobile app (iOS or Android) or online at

Can I change the email address associated with my sweetpass+?

For your security, we’re unable to edit or change the email address linked with your sweetgreen account. Please reach out to our customer experience team for support here.

How do I earn and redeem rewards?

You can earn Rewards for delivery, pick up and Outpost purchases made on the sweetgreen app. For delivery, pick up, and Outpost orders, you can also earn rewards by placing orders on

Rewards can only be redeemed on digital purchases (sweetgreen app or made for delivery, pick up or outpost. You cannot redeem Rewards in-store using scan-to-pay. Redeemed rewards will not be counted toward the completion of any Challenge.

What are Rewards & Challenges and where can I find them? 

Challenges are a perk available to Sweetpass members that will show up on the Sweetpass Home Page on the sweetgreen app (iOS or Android) and You can participate by selecting “start Challenge” and can earn progress by completing certain actions in order to earn Rewards. You will be able to see available Challenges, track your progress and see Rewards that you’ve earned. Not seeing your rewards? Make sure you’re on the latest version of our app and logged into your sweetgreen account. Something looks off?  Reach out to us so we can help!

How will I know when I have a new Challenge available?

Navigate to the Sweetpage Home Page where you will see how many Challenges are available to you. Look out for emails and messages from us when we launch exciting new Challenges!

Do my Rewards last forever? 

Even some sweet things must come to an end, rewards don’t hold on forever. Like a sweetgreen salad, rewards should be enjoyed while they’re fresh! Each reward that will appear on the Sweetpass Home Page will have the stated expiration date so make sure to double check the dates and use them before they expire.

When will my Birthday perk be available?

We’re so glad you asked! Make sure to add your birthday to the Account section of the app or online at Your birthday treat will appear as one of your Rewards on your birthday and will expire one week after it’s issued.

What are Sweetpass Exclusives?

Sweetpass Exclusives are menu items that are available only on our mobile app (iOS or Android) or online at 

How do I become a member of Sweetpass+?

It’s easy! Head to the "Sweetpass Membership" section within your account (don’t have an account? You can make one here!), click upgrade to sweetpass+ and add your payment information. Your Sweetpass+ membership will automatically renew on a monthly basis unless you cancel your subscription. 

I don’t want to pay for Sweetpass+. Can I still access my Sweetpass perks like Rewards & Challenges? 

Absolutely! If you’re not interested in Sweetpass+ you will still have access to Rewards & Challenges and all of the other Sweetpass perks available for free.

How does the daily $3 off work? 

Every 12 hours you will be issued $3 off. You’ll be able to redeem 12 hours after your last digital order. This will live in your Rewards that you can apply to food / beverage orders on pick-up, delivery or outpost that are greater than $9.95. You must select this Reward prior to checkout and cannot combine it with other offers that you have available. You will not be able to accumulate multiple $3 off as they will expire at the end of each 12 hours before you are issued a new $3 off. 

What is sweetgreen Insiders?

Sweetgreen Insiders is a perk available to Sweetpass+ members where we’ll offer members  access to exclusive opportunities. Insiders will  also help us shape the future of food by answering questions that we’ll share from time to time. 

How do I know which organization received my Friends of Earth perk donation?

The Friends of Earth perk donation is available to you the first time you join Sweetpass+. We’ll donate 50% of your first time membership fee to a carbon reduction partner that you’ll help us select at the end of each calendar year. We’ll reach out to you to help select our partner and we will let you know before the end of the year where we will donate on behalf of Sweetpass+ members. 

What is Sweetpass Support?

Sweetpass Support is an exclusive benefit available to Sweetpass+ members.  Our Sweetpass dedicated customer experience  team has got your back! We’ll provide fresh solutions when you need assistance.

How do I cancel my Sweetpass+ membership?

You can cancel at any time by visiting the “Sweetpass Membership'' section in your account settings on the app (iOS or Android) or at You can also email to cancel. To avoid being charged you must cancel your subscription at least 48 hours before your next billing date. Once you cancel you will have access to your Sweetpass+ benefits until the end of your billing cycle.