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It’s time to kick off a year of feeling good.

Whether you’re committing to simple rituals like taking a walk, starting a journal, or adding nourishing greens to every meal—building sustainable routines often starts with one good habit. We’ve got just the thing.

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30 days of
green routines

At just 23, Naomi is already one of the world’s top athletes. To perform at such a demanding level means she’s constantly thinking about how she cares for and nourishes her body with what she puts into it. This idea of food as self-care is something that we care a lot about at sweetgreen too, and we’re looking forward to pushing that dialogue further, together.

We started sweetgreen believing there was a better way to eat healthy without sacrificing taste, price, and convenience. And now, with 58% of individuals placing higher emphasis on food decisions than they were ten years ago, we know we’re not the only ones craving healthier, more accessible options.

When we think about the future of real food, there is still so much room for change — and the next generation is hungry for it.

With 65% of Gen Z saying they want a more plant-forward diet, the demand for real food has never been higher.

From tackling food insecurity in new ways to evolving the food system’s effect on climate change, these topics and the health of the planet are not only top of mind for the next generation, they’re instrumental to how they’re shaping the future.

One individual who’s at the forefront of imagining and creating the future is Naomi herself. We see her as an incredible young leader among her peers. She stands for what she believes in and never compromises on her values; she uses her platform to share, educate, and inspire, all with humility. All of this, teamed with her ability to openly embrace all the different sides of herself — from world champion tennis player, to social justice activist, obsessive gamer, style connoisseur, regular meditator, and beyond — are traits we aspire to ourselves.

Over the next few months, you’ll be seeing more from Naomi and us around how our partnership will unfold. From food (a bowl drop in May a.k.a. her regular order) to impact (jointly supporting The Asian American Foundation in their effort to advance equity in the AAPI community), we’re exploring the many different ways we can meaningfully come together.

So here’s to shaping the future of food — with one of the icons of the future itself. We can’t wait to take you on the journey with us.