fall menu
Bay Area

Curry Cauliflower

535 cal

organic arugula, warm quinoa, curry-roasted cauliflower, cilantro, shredded cabbage, roasted chicken, raisins, sweetgreen hot sauce, cucumber tahini yogurt dressing

Chicken + Brussels

425 cal

organic mesclun, chopped romaine, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted chicken, cranberry maple dressing

Apple Pear Cheddar

500 cal

shredded kale, organic mesclun, pears, apples, raw pecans, organic white cheddar, basil, balsamic vinaigrette

cranberry ginger fresca

30 cal

a light, refreshing fresca made with fresh cranberries and a hint of ginger

= vegan * = contains gluten = warm bowl



640 cal

organic wild rice, shredded kale, raw beets, bean sprouts, basil, spicy sunflower seeds, warm portobello mix, roasted sesame tofu, miso sesame ginger dressing

Pesto Portobello

775 cal

warm quinoa, organic arugula, roasted chicken, warm portobello mix, raw corn, hot chickpeas, spicy broccoli, pesto vinaigrette

Harvest Bowl

705 cal

organic wild rice, shredded kale, apples, sweet potatoes, roasted chicken, local goat cheese, toasted almonds, balsamic vinaigrette

Fish Taco

655 cal

organic arugula, warm quinoa, shredded cabbage, cilantro, roasted steelhead, tortilla chips, sweetgreen hot sauce, lime cilantro jalapeño vinaigrette

*only available at our Ballston location*


Spicy Sabzi

440 cal

organic baby spinach, shredded kale, spicy broccoli, raw beets, organic carrots, bean sprouts, spicy quinoa, basil, roasted sesame tofu, sweetgreen hot sauce, carrot chili vinaigrette

*not available at our Ballston location*

Kale Caesar

420 cal

shredded kale, chopped romaine, parmesan crisp, shaved parmesan, roasted chicken, tomatoes, fresh lime squeeze, caesar dressing

Guacamole Greens

530 cal

organic mesclun, avocado, roasted chicken, red onion, tomatoes, tortilla chips, fresh lime squeeze, lime cilantro jalapeno vinaigrette

Hummus Tahina*

495 cal

chopped romaine, shredded kale, herb falafel, local feta, tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers, za'atar breadcrumbs, housemade hummus, cucumber tahini yogurt dressing

Rad Thai

365 cal

organic arugula, organic mesclun, bean sprouts, shredded cabbage, spicy sunflower seeds, organic carrots, cucumbers, basil, citrus shrimp, spicy cashew dressing

*not available at our Ballston location*

omg omega

555 cal

organic arugula, baby spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, avocado, roasted steelhead, nori furikake, miso sesame ginger dressing

*not available at our Ballston store*

Cashew Tofu

445 cal

organic arugula, chopped romaine, roasted sesame tofu, basil, cilantro, shredded cabbage, warm portobello mix, spicy sunflower seeds, lime squeeze, spicy cashew dressing

*only available at our Ballston location*

= vegan * = contains gluten = warm bowl

Make Your Own


Choose up to 2. All bases are gluten-free.
organic mesclun   
organic arugula   
organic baby spinach   
shredded kale   
chopped romaine   
warm quinoa   
organic wild rice   


Choose up to 4. Our vegetables are sourced locally when in season. Check your in-store local list for the most up-to-date lineup of farms and seasonal ingredients.
raw pecans   
bean sprouts   
raw beets   
red onion   
organic carrots   
hot chickpeas   
shredded cabbage   
spicy broccoli   
raw corn   
local apples   
roasted sweet potatoes   
spicy quinoa   
tortilla chips   
spicy sunflower seeds   
toasted almonds   


Premiums include everything from local cheeses to vegan-friendly proteins.
roasted brussels sprouts   
curry cauliflower   
roasted steelhead   
citrus shrimp   
roasted chicken   
warm portobello mix   
herb falafel   
roasted sesame tofu   
hard-boiled egg   
housemade hummus   
local goat cheese   
local feta cheese   
organic white cheddar   
shaved parmesan   
parmesan crisps   


All of our dressings are gluten-free and made in-house.
cranberry maple dressing   
lime cilantro jalapeño vinaigrette   
miso sesame ginger vinaigrette   
pesto vinaigrette   
spicy cashew dressing   
carrot chili vinaigrette   
sweetgreen hot sauce   
balsamic vinaigrette   
cucumber tahini yogurt dressing   
caesar dressing   
extra virgin olive oil   
balsamic vinegar   
fresh lime squeeze   
fresh lemon squeeze   
nori furikake   
red chili   
za'atar breadcrumbs*   
= vegan * = contains gluten = seasonal