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Our winter menu is shamelessly good—all the taste, without the compromise.

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The humble pickle is a true win-win. Fermented foods like pickles promote gut biome health and add a crunchy, acidic note to any dish.

Thanks to the prowess of our proud pickle partners, we’re able to use seasonal vegetables that otherwise would end up in the bin.

Miso Roasted Veggies PNG

Miso Roasted Veggies

Coke Farm
For our butternuts, we use Coke Farm on the west coast—one of the first certified organic farms in CA.

Weiser Family Farms
We love sunchokes for being a perennial storage crop. They’re seasonally available thanks to our partner Weiser, an LA-based family run farm.

Rio Fresh
The beets to our heart. Rio has been our farm partner over the last 3 years and since working with us, transitioned to being completely organic!

Remoulade PNG


Originating in France, traditional remoulade is made with mayo and Creole seasoning.

We make ours with a fluffy blend of mayo and yogurt (for a lighter, tangy spin), plus our signature housemade hot sauce, and of course—local pickles!

Come for the greens, stay for the comfort.