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The seasons are changing and it’s time 
for new routines, comforting flavors, and surprise twists on old favorites.

Chicken + Brussels

Nostalgic tastes feel like old friends you run into when visiting home. You, tender chicken, and hearty roasted brussels sprouts have all grown, but not apart.

Roasted Brussels

Roasted Brussels

Brussels sprouts are hearty veggies in the cabbage family that something magic happens to when you roast them.

We get ours from many local sources, one of which is Rodoni Farms, a third-generation family farm in Santa Cruz, CA.



Orchard excursions to pick crisp apples are a favored pastime in fall.

These apples from Mick Klug’s organic farm have a bright crunch that balances caramelly roasted brussels sprouts.

Cranberry Maple

Cranberry Maple Vinaigrette

Cranberries epitomize fall flavor and take place of pride at family holiday meals.

Our Cranberry Maple Vinaigrette has cranberries from SunDance Cranberry, an organic farm that practices sustainable dry land farming.

What we do—and eat—every day sustains us, and makes us into a better version of ourselves.