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Summer’s here and there’s something for everyone on our menu of sun-ripened ingredients and leisure enhancing flavors.


Juicy stone fruit joins creamy goat cheese and tangy balsamic in a balanced bowl you’ll daydream about long after you devour it.


Bold blackened chicken and roasted veggies deliver just-off-the-grill satisfaction, topped with our new savory take on teriyaki.


Indulge in an aromatic side of seasonal abundance with iconic summer veggies, cooked to perfection and paired with herby pesto.

S322-Peaches Image


You know it’s summer when peach trees start dripping with ripe, juicy gems.

This year, we’re sourcing most of our peaches from Genuine Georgia—a family farm started by brothers who were raised where their great-great-grandfathers grew peaches 130 years ago. They now work with all 5 commercial peach farms in Georgia.

S322-Sesame Teriyaki

Sesame Teriyaki

Brand new to our menu this year, we’ve remixed the familiar flavor profile of teriyaki to compliment this season’s light, sweet, summer produce.

By adding an unexpected ingredient, sesame tahini, we’ve turned traditional teriyaki into a creamy, savory, and surprisingly fresh dressing that goes well with anything.

S322-Pesto Summer Veggies Image

Roasted Summer Veggies

Depending on where you’re living, you’ll get to enjoy perfectly roasted, classic summer veggies growing nearby: squash for some and okra for others.

The best part about regional sourcing? Peak flavor and freshness, and reduced carbon impact from transportation, not to mention less water waste.

Vacation starts where your fork ends. Dive into deliciousness now.