At sweetgreen, our mission is to build healthier communities by connecting people to real food. We lead and make decisions through our core values, and it’s through that lens that we’ve decided to raise our prices, and we want to take a moment and explain why we’re doing it. The simple reason is that it costs a lot to do what we do — serve real food every day — and our people and ingredients are best-in-class.

Every day in our restaurants, our teams make food from scratch, using whole produce delivered that morning. And over the years, that produce has consistently gotten better. Our supply chain team has worked with growers to improve the quality of our ingredients, and we’re proud to source more organic and local ingredients than ever.

And once the food is delivered to sweetgreen, our team spends every day cleaning, cutting and cooking it... just like you do at home. It’s no small task and we know that our people are undoubtedly the most important ingredient. This year, we’ve raised wages across the country, with more increases planned for next year. But we’ve never focused strictly on wage — we’ve also bolstered our benefits package and created a robust career development roadmap so our people can grow with sweetgreen, increase their earning potential and learn essential leadership skills.

We believe it will make a meaningful impact on our growers and our team. If you have any questions, please connect with us at

— Team sweetgreen


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