Meet the Farmer: Michael and Pablo – Firefly Farms, MD

Remember the May Salad? What made it so very special for us is the locally sourced award-winning goat cheese from Firefly Farms 
We loved the goat cheese so much that we decided to interview the President of Firefly Farms, Michael Koch, and find out all about the hand made process and to see where he draws his inspiration. 
Oh, and we are featuring the goat cheese again in our June Salad (we just couldn’t resist) 
sweetgreen: How did your passion and your background drive you to create an award-winning cheese?
MK: I love to eat.  I was raised in a Swiss-German-immigrant home where food and drink were central.  I guess I am fortunate:  I never (literally) met a food I don’t like.  My paternal grandfather was a farmer and great-grandfather was cheese maker.  So, I married a chef – yeah! – and we started a cheese making business.  We love cheese and have eaten some of the world’s best.  We are driven to make cheese that we love to eat, cook with, and share with friends and family
sweetgreen: What is your favorite part of the “hand-made” process
MK: The aging process, by far.  American’s are rediscovering that cheese is dynamic; that it’s a living little eco-system.  I think of cheese aging as the art of calculated decay.  I find this a wonderful metaphor for life
sweetgreen: Favorite cheese pairing?
MK: Yes.  My favorite thing is pairing cheese.  Seriously, what isn’t improved with a little hand-made goat cheese
sweetgreen: If your goat cheese had a soundtrack, what would it be?
MK: Crazy P.  A sustaining beat, a contagious energy, a surprising twist
sweetgreen: What does sweetlife mean to you?
MK: Having an open heart;
Living in the moment;
Channeling only positive energy;
Doing what you love; Loving what you do.


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