things we dig: 101 cookbooks – a vegetarian food blog

101 Cookbooks is a food blog started by photographer and journalist Heidi Swanson, from San Francisco. Heidi is the author of two cookbooks, Super Natural Cooking and Super Natural Everyday . Her recipes focus on using natural, whole ingredients. They are all vegetarian, but many can be adapted to incorporate meat. She also has some great vegan recipes and gluten free desserts.

I love Heidi’s blog because it focused on beautiful photography, simple ingredients, and whole cooking.

Here are some of the recipes I have made over the years. While these are tried and trusted – I’d suggest taking a look at more of her recent posts. There are a lot of delicious looking side dishes that I think would be great to bring to a picnic or enjoy as a simple meal.



My favorites:

Lemon Anise Slushies – Delicious with water, or a splash of liquor turns it into a refreshing cocktail

Green Soup with Ginger – Tangy and fresh – a great way to get all your greens in one bowl of soup

Porcini Mushroom Soup – I was intimidated by dehydrated mushrooms, but this soup showed me how easy they actually are to use

Buckwheat Cake – This cake is buttery and the flavor of the grain gives it a heavier taste. Great for winter.

Weeknight Carrot Soup – Heidi’s carrot soup takes literally 10 minutes to put together. Use lemon juice to cut down on the salt!

Nikki’s Healthy Cookies – Great way to use up left over bananas!

Amazing Black Bean Brownies – Most bizarre recipe I have ever made, but you can’t taste the beans at all. Vegan, gluten free, and protein packed!

Peanut Butter Cookies – Who needs an excuse to make peanut butter cookies?

Hummus with Green Goo – Hummus is simple to make and Heidi’s green goo gives it a twist.


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